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How simple fix DRL Hyundai i40 problem

How simple fix DRL Hyundai i40 problem

How to fix the DRL problem on Hyundai i40? I show you how make it simple without opening headlight!

if drl is not working

So needs those part its well built and sealed.


new drl driver

Its tooks less than 15 minutes to undo one side of the bumper (plenty of material on YouTube on how to do it) and extract the headlamp.There is a small hatch on the bottom of the headlamp that gives enough access to the connections of the chip. the two-pin connector must be cut off from the old driver and attached to the new one and plugged back into the wires from the old driver, insulate and leave in the headlight.

join the cables together :

connection diagram

There is a small blue screw on the chip to adjust the brightness. But usually, it not needs. New driver fits in the headlight. after that connect the headlight and check all modes.

If you connected everything correctly, DRL will work. There are times when the LEDs are damaged. in this case, you will need to open the headlight and re-solder the damaged ones.

In some cases, you will need to connect according to the second scheme, which continues the first. If in the "0" mode the upper part of the headlight does not light, then connect according to scheme 2

if in this position the upper part of the headlight does not light, then connect according to the diagram

diagram 2

For the chip to be sent outside Russia you will have to contact the seller directly (sale@led119.ru). They will need your name and delivery address. After the payment, they will ship the item. As I mentioned you can safely pay through PayPal.

Please check your mail after a while, letters from nd@led119.ru may end up in spam

Video how install: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuCi8w0LVUg